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My First Name Is:
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My Age Is:
My Grade Is:
I Have Been In Drama For __ Years:
I Have Been In The Following Shows:
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Example: Willy Wonka: Oompa Loompa
Example: Little Princess: Sarah
Shout Out To (don't forget to include reason):
(family members, influential people in your life,
teacher, coach, best friend, cute kitten)
Example: I want to say thank you to my mom for supporting me.
Example: I appreciate Cindy because we do theatre together.
Which character in Beauty and the Beast are you most like?
Example: I am most like Gaston because I am mean to people
and don't accept people for who they are.
What Do I Enjoy Most About Being In Theatre:
Why do you do you do theatre?
What keeps you coming back?
What I Like To Do When Not Doing Theatre:
(List your hobbies, sports, games, activities)
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