Peter Pan 2011

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Noodler Navreet   Peter Lidia
Hook Taylar   Tinker Bell Faith
Cecco Brayden   WendyDarling Emily
Skylight Jenesa   John Darling Devin
Bill Jukes Gabriela   Michael Darling Daniel
Starkey Max   Mr. Darling Caleb
Cookson Sukhraj   Mrs. Darling Kirsten 
Pirate Angela      
Pirate Gurpreet   Slightly Rehema
Pirate Shania   Twin One Roianne
Mullens Braydon   Twin Two April
Smee Stacie   Curly Trinity
      Nibs Jasman
Tiger Lilly Moo Kee   Tootles Taylor
Nana Jamieson   Lost Boy Stephanie
Crocodile Tristan    Lost Boy Elisabeth
      Lost Boy Amarpreet
      Lost Boy Olivia
      Lost Boy Alyssa
      Lost Boy Megan
      Lost Boy Jaspinder


Stage Manager Harleen
Stage Manager Balraj
Stage Manager Sharonvir
Sound Designer Candice
Light Designer Evan
Spot Operator Rahul
Crew Lead Parteek
Stage Crew Ifraz
Video Crew Monica
Video Crew Jessica
Video Crew Amandeep

Production Team

Director				Mr. Swaddling
Producer/Costumes		Ms. MacCulloch
Front of House			Ms. Dietrich
Lost Boys				Mrs Pederson
Props				Ms. Campagnolo
Choreography			Ms. Barnert
Props				Ms. Mairs
Principal				Ms. McCuaig
Set and Lighting Design	Mr Malmas
Choreography			Ms. Mullen
Costumes				Mrs P. MacCulloch
Construction			Mr Pederson
Tickets				Ms. Emms
Finances				Ms. Parker
Music					Mr Wiebe
Props				Ms. Hamilton
Construction			Mr Virtue
Construction			Mr Lukie