Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing 2007

December 10-13, 2007

Performance Photos


Peter Hatcher                          Kyle
Mrs. Hatcher                           Courtney / Natalia
Fudge Hatcher                        Rajan / Devon
Mr. Hatcher                            Tristan
Mrs. Yarby                              Elizabeth
Mr. Yarby                                Baljinder
Jimmy Fargo                           Gurjodh
Sheila Tubman                       Amy
Receptionist (dentist)             Shanel
Dr. Brown                               Paby
Mr. Berman                            Baljinder
Janet                                      Dominique
Mr. Vincent                            Charity
Ms. Denberg                           Paby
Cameraman                            Jacob
Dr. Cone                                 Charity


Lighting Designer

Sound Designer

Ms. MacCulloch         

Director’s Assistant

Ms. Koppensteiner

Ms. Campagnolo

House Manager
Ms. Dietrich

Director’s Notes:

In Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Peter Hatcher has three things: an assignment, a turtle, and Fudge, his little brother.
The assignment is a difficult one in which Peter must write about the most important thing that happened to him during the year. 
As Peter remembers the significant events in his life, he also realizes that Fudge is at the centre of them all - and not in a good way. 
At times it seems to Peter that Fudge has been placed on this earth simply to annoy him and make his life difficult. 
Anyone who has a sibling will admit they have asked themselves “what were my parents thinking?!?”. 
As we journey through the year with Peter, we laugh at Fudge’s antics as Peter struggles to find his place in the family and accept his little brother. 
Peter learns that sibling relationships can outlast picture dictionaries, shoes, dentists, fame, and turtles. 
They flourish in a thousand incarnations of closeness and distance, warmth, loyalty and distrust. 
We discover, through Peter and Fudge, that brothers really are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and
cooperation and kindness and caring - quite often the hard way.

Setting and Time:

The play takes place in various New York City locales and in the Hatcher family apartment which is near Central Park. The story takes place in 1983.

Story by: Judy Blume
Adaptation by: Bruce Mason
Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing was first presented by
Seattle Children's Theatre for the 1986-1987 Season
All Rights Reserved