Twenty-five years ago we began producing shows at Betty Huff, these are but a few:



Perfect Nanny


Annie Junior

Into The Woods

Artful Dodgers

Come Save Today

Wizard of Oz

Mermaid’s Adventure

Take Note


In 2002, we began the Theatre Arts Company and began training students all year round in acting. I often wonder where these students will end up and if their memories of performing on stage will be lasting? The volunteers who have helped over the years have been amazing. Sewing costumes, building props and sets and helping to install our permanent theatre curtains and scrim rigging, volunteers are the back bone of our company.


Our Alumni Company started in 2004 with their debut production of Treasure Island. This extension to our current school company allows students to continue their acting even after they leave us.


In 2003, we built our Black Box Theatre. Ever take life outside the box? Ever try life inside? This is our box, and we spend all of our time outside it, on it, around it, or in it. We have made it what we want it to be, which means it's always open-minded. We are always transforming our box, shaping it as it shapes us, working it like soft clay, moulding it with our imaginations, and letting it mould us. The Black Box is whatever it needs to be, but it can always be easily changed into something else. A black box is a type of theatre, also known as an experimental, free-form, or studio theatre, which can be easily shaped to the needs of each show. Black-box is also the term used to describe the form of theatre, often Shakespearean, in which little if any scenery or props are used. This lack of definition allows the audiences' minds to set the play wherever each person feels comfortable having it.


So we continue to grow and evolve. Today we offer the following to students and former students:

Main Stage Elementary

Main Stage Alumni

Black Box Elementary

Black Box Alumni

Junior Theatre Workshops


We can not work without you the supporters of the theatre company. Whether you volunteer or just come and watch a production, you are the important piece to this project. If you would like to volunteer we would love to have you. Contact the school office and leave your name and number. We are currently looking for some key team players to join our production staff.


Our Vision:

“That young people will have an opportunity to be involved in theatre during their intermediate years at Betty Huff Elementary School and beyond as alumni students.”


Our Objective:

The members of the Betty Huff Theatre Company will:

Our Criteria For Success:

1.              Young people will have a positive theatre experience and will desire to do more theatre.

2.              Theatre will be done without compromise, with excellence in mind, and to the best of our abilities.

3.              Young people will be challenged and pushed in their acting abilities.

4.              Our company will continue to see improvements in our expertise in theatre.